If you are 40 years of age (in this calendar year) or older, you are eligible to play senior slow pitch softball here in Colorado. We have the following options for play:


  • Scrap Iron Softball “Scrap Iron”– This is our tournament organization. We currently have 18 travel teams that play softball tournaments all over the US. Tournaments occur year round. Teams play in age groups 40+, 50+, 55+, 60+, 65+, 70+, 75+. 80+, and even 85+. The competition levels within each age group are AA, AAA, Major, and Major Plus. (see link above for more information)


  • Colorado Senior Softball Travel League “CSSTL” – This league has 16 teams in 4 divisions that play tripleheaders on about a dozen select Saturdays from April through October including an end of season tournament. Games are played anywhere from Loveland to Colorado Springs. The minimum age to play is 50. (see link above for more information)


  • Colorado Senior Softball Association “CSSA” –  Is a softball league for recreation and exercise for Seniors 50 years of age and above. Doubleheaders are played on Monday mornings (70+ divisions with 17 teams) and Wednesday mornings (other divisions with 46 teams) from late April through early August, followed by end-of-season tournaments for each group. Teams are located along the Front Range from Colorado Springs to Longmont and Greeley and locations in between. (see link above for more information)

    • CSSA 2020 Season Cancelled:

    • After weeks/months of evaluating the situation, the CSSA Board of Directors have decided to officially cancel the CSSA 2020 senior softball season.  This decision was based on many factors and considerations- the direct aspects of the Coronavirus (risk and safety), all the related issues with the 20 Recreation Districts where we normally play our CSSA games and other matters as well.  There are several CSSA matters that will need to be addressed (balls distributed at the March 6th managers meeting, Fall Managers Meeting, Board election, etc.), and managers and Rec Center Reps will be contacted at the appropriate time regarding these.

    • Also, some teams have been practicing and in fact playing some games at various locations.  Any teams who want to do that should arrange things with Rec Centers/Districts and other teams as appropriate but should understand that those activities are not sponsored or sanctioned by CSSA.  Those activities are between the teams and the Rec Center/District and teams should follow any special rules or requirements, and costs required by them.

    • CSSA Board of Directors;  July 17, 2020

  • Moose Senior Softball Tournament League “MSSTL” – This league includes 8 tournament travel teams from ages 50+ to 65+. The teams play doubleheaders in the Denver area once per month, from March until September, typically just prior to major national tournaments. This league's purpose is to provide an opportunity for serious senior softball tournament teams in Colorado to scrimmage other similar local teams in a safe and friendly environment. If interested, please contact Mark Haupt (mlhaupt11@msn.com) or Jim Riley (James.Riley@cognizant.com).

  • Pikes Peak Region Senior Softball Association “PPRSSA – Is a slow pitch softball league for recreation and exercise for Seniors 50 years of age (40 for women) and above, in the Pikes Peak Region. Doubleheaders are played on Monday mornings (70+ League), Monday nights (50+ League), and Friday mornings (60+ League) from late April through September. (for more information please visit the PPRSSA website)


All organizations are constantly seeking new players. For more information on each organization, please select the link above.

Colorado Senior Softball


Colorado Senior Softball

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