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I am new and would like to play. How do I find a team?

  • Contact Dan Silvey at: 720-383-8632 or dansilvey88@gmail.com. Or, you can visit our "Teams" page and you can  contact any coaches directly.

What does it cost to play?

  • Fees are paid by each team. Teams will collect fees from each player. This amount can vary from team to team depending on how many players a team has. Also, some teams may have sponsorship money. In 2019 team registration fees were $1,000 per team. CSSTL tries to keep costs as low as possible.

Why are teams limited to having no more than 6 Major or Major Plus players under the age of 60 in the lineup at any one time?

  • This rule prevents teams from loading up on talent and helps to maintain a competitive balance.

Why don’t we use umpires?

  • Mainly due to cost. We have tried umpires at various times in the past and have found that players can “self umpire” just as well or even better anyway.

 What balls do we use?

  • Trump Stote 12 inch balls that are .44 core .375 compression.

My team ran out of balls. How do I buy more new balls?

  • Each team is given a limited supply of new balls to start the season. If you run out, you can buy more online, at a retail sporting goods store, or you can contact Mike Massong at amassong@aol.com.

What happens when teams are shorthanded on game day?

  • If a team does not have enough players to start or finish a game, they may “borrow” 1 or more players in order to complete the game. It does not matter if the replacement player(s) are from another team, pulled out of the stands, etc. However, the opposing coach has the right to approve the addition of any substitute player for any reason. The league views this as a better alternative than a forfeit.

What fields do we play on?

  • Kennedy Park Fields - 2998 S. Kenton St., Aurora, Co. 80014

  • Sky View Sports Complex - 2890 Resnick Drive, Colorado Springs, Co. 80916

  • Daniel L. Schaefer Athletic Complex - 9750 W. Hampden Ave., Denver, Co. 80235

  • Garden Acres Park - 2058 Spencer St., Longmont, Co. 80501

  • Clark Centennial Fields - 1100 Lashley Street, Longmont, Co. 80504

  • Barnes Softball Complex - 405 S. Cleveland Ave., Loveland Co. 80537

  • Christopher Fields - 10485 Sheridan Blvd., Westminster, Co. 80020

What does it cost to use fields for Saturday play?
Field use fees are the largest cost in our overall budget. In 2017 the field use fees are as follows:

  • Kennedy Park Fields (8 fields) $1,700

  • Sky View Sports Complex (6 fields) $1,000

  • Daniel L. Schaefer Athletic Complex (6 fields) $784

  • Garden Acres Park (4 fields) and Clark Centennial Fields (2 fields) $1,130

  • Barnes Softball Complex (10 fields) $1,162

  • Christopher Fields (4 fields) $800

Schaefer fields are not in very good shape. Why do we play there?

  • Schaefer fields are the least expensive fields that we play on and they are centrally located.

Why don’t we play more games at Kennedy Park fields?

  • Kennedy is more expensive than other fields and availabilty is difficult to get.

If bad weather is imminent, why can’t we cancel games sooner?

  • We need to wait for the municipalities tell us that fields are not playable in order to avoid paying the field use fee.



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